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Great tracker in comparison to all the others

Love this card sized tracker card, the design is sleek, the button gives you feedback through sound, and best is the charging through solar, no more batteries. I have tries many others but especially the card shape makes it unintrusive. I use it in a different wallet currently, but love it! Also, I would think there are so much more other shapes and use cases, where a solar powered tracker device could come in handy (e.g. my dog, my bag, my keys, etc).

i'm a believer

Like most guys, I've tried a myriad of wallets, always hoping the next one would be perfect. Time and again, disappointment would set in as my pockets grew larger and larger with overstuffed leather billfolds.

This Bifold seems, two weeks in, like the answer to my dreams. Slim, compact and ever softer, the wallet is a pleasure to carry. The system works like a charm.

Upgraded from the Ekster 1

Upgraded from the ekster 1 to get a thinner wallet. It is MUCH thinner. It also solves the issue where it presses the tracker button every time you sit down.
The only reasons I am not giving it a 5-STAR is because the leather fitting around the card box is looser and looks a bit sloppier than the original and the cash strap is no longer wide enough to easily slide cash in and out of. This is actually a real pain because it no longer has a cash pocket either.

Four stars

Nice product. But i have a hearing problem and can not hear it. the reverse phone ring work very well though.

Awesome wallet

Beautiful leather, great touch, and feel, well done.


Limited range, you have to be in the same room to find your item, so you will be running around the house a lot, good exercise though!!

Small & compact

But a bit too compact for me. it is so light i barely feel it in my pocket. I like the card mechanism, but the leather feel is not to my liking.


While this wallet may seem odd in design and somewhat expensive it is an excellent product. When I measured my existing wallet with this, it was so much slimmer. I also only used to carry 7 cards so I can easily add the extra card in the pocket strap or between the wallet and the pocket strap.

The quick and easy access to credit cards is the major benefit of this wallet, and it really works well. There is no more opening a wallet to search for the right card.
The other advantage is the blocking of card reading devices because of the metal protection of the card holding portion of the wallet.

The wallet is well made. I got the slightly distressed brown leather; I am happy with the esthetics.

I think this is an excellent and innovative product

Great wallet, very inconsistent tracking system

I have already bought the ekster first generation and decided to support the team by funding the second generation.
I was very glad with the design improvements of the wallet and the tracking card design. however, the tracking system itself, that was fair on the first ekster, is now very inconsistent.
it disconnects and the app rarely finds back the card without resetting everything.
i thought it was a battery thing, but one of the few times it connects, the battery looks full in the application.
It's a shame since the tracking functionality that should be what makes this wallet stand out from the crowd, is very bad right now. I don't know if it's just my card's problem, but there you go

Great quick cash storage

I'm loving this strap for easy cash/card storage. Whenever I have a bill or cash I just fold' em up and slip 'em under the strap. It also has a nice rubber lining so the strap doesn't slide up or down!

Great little add-on!

I ordered an extra black strap to fit on my cognac cardholder. Looks really cool.. love to customize it. Feels sturdy and holds my travel card for easy access.

Love the wallet, delivery took a while, but worth waiting

This is a great wallet, I am a supporter from the first version of Ekster, this one is so much smaller, well done.

Great Functionality and Work out of packaging

Bought this as experiement but end up now it's sitting in my wallet(not Ekster but Mont Blanc instead) quality built and felt durable while didn't miss the stunning exterior looks. Got it at very affordable price via kickstarter backer. The only draw back is leadtime took almost 20days to reach me.


Got asked three times already where I got my wallet, a real eye-catcher!

working as it should

This wallet has saved me already... I'm clumsy as hell and almost forgot it at a restaurant the other day, but the tracker did it's job and before I stepped into the car, it told me I had forgotten my wallet on the table. Wonderful product :) :)

My bro loves it!

I bought a coffee brown Parliament for my brother’s birthday, and he loved it! Says it’s a pleasure to carry around ☺

better than expected

Wow the tracker works better than expected. I ordered it as an experiment but haven't had any issues so far. It actually has better reach than my old tile slim..

10x better than Secrid

I'm impressed by how tightly the leather is wrapped around the cardholder. This thing is SO MUCH nicer than my old Secrid.

great storage and compact

The amount of compartments in this wallet is unreal. You can store so much stuff in here while it's so tiny..

Helps me remember my stuff

Pretty cool that the tracker alarmed me when the wallet was out of reach. Almost forgot it at my friend’s place. Lovely leather and the layout suits my needs perfectly. Wouldn't change a thing.

strong build and great battery life

Surprised the battery lasted as long as it did without needing recharging. I ring my phone at least twice a day. I'm loving the overall slimness and strong build!

in love :D

I thought those money straps were for fashion purposes but now I use them all the time. Works much faster than just the standard bifold. LOVE this wallet :D :D

lovely cardholder

The senate has been satisfactory, to say the least. It feels comfortable and works exceptionally, however I’m still waiting for my Parliament to arrive. I’m sure my expectations will be met!

Slim, Easy to use, Classy

Three words: Slim, Classy and Easy. It looks great, helps me speed up my day with my scanner card and fits snugly around my phone. Very satisfied.

great battery life

The durability of the battery is astounding. I have been using this wallet non-stop since I got it and it still doesn’t need charging. Loving this machine.

no complaints here

Quite satisfied so far. It feels comfortable/light and looks pretty fancy. Really impressed with the tracking system too. Nothing to complain about.

my friends are jealous

I can feel my friends jealousy pierce my skin as I whip out this stunning eye candy of a wallet.. it just looks and feels so damn high-end and looks like something out of a james bond movies with that card button..

upgrade your wallet to this!

This wallet works faster, feels slimmer and looks cooler than any other wallet that I’ve had so far. Certainly an upgrade for me.

cool gadget

Love that you get a call every time your wallet is out of range. This is going to save my ass so many times.

great way to get out of conversations :D

Lol, I find the phone ringer useful for when I don’t wanna get into boring conversations. I just press the button real subtle and pretend like im getting a call hahaha

Kickstarter Backer

Damn… heard about this company last year when it was still a small time business. Didn’t think that they’d grow so quick! Cant say I’m surprised though. Cool concept and one of the few companies that I don’t regret backing. I ordered this on kickstarter a couple months back and have been using it for a month now. Wouldn't change a thing about it.

Nice leather aging

Wallet felt a bit stiff at first, but after using it for a little while it started feeling/working smoothly and the leather flap closed perfectly. Really satisfied with it!

Bye Bulky wallet

Mine just came in. Say goodbye to bulky wallets! This is the first time I try out one of these cardholder things and I have to say i'm sold..

Great addition to the collection

I've now owned 1st and 2nd gen Ekster products and am have become a true ekster fan over the years. I;m very impressed by their constant ability to creat classy en well-made luxury products. I've been using this phone case for about 1 month now and couldn't be happier. The leather ages well, the extra slots are very useful and the card slot is perfect for my travel card. Couldn't be happier with my Ekster collection!

James Bond lookin'

Feeling like james bond holding this thing in my hand. Cool functionality and great design!

Overall 5/5

Dude this tracking system is genius. Almost forgot my wallet in my car on campus today but was reminded by the separation alert. Leather looks very high-end and well-made. The layout is slim and easy to use. Overall: 5/5

Lucky me ;)

Great system! Almost forgot my phone in the office again. Good thing my wallet went off otherwise I’d have to go through the weekend without it :P

Finally got it!

Finally got my ekster parliament! Took you long enough, but I love it. It's simple, works smooth and looks pretty slick too. I absolutely LOVE the cash-strap solution.

Lovely cardholder

The senate is definitely one of the slimmest wallets out there. The money strap works great too although I find it more efficient to fold my bills before sliding them in rather than laying them flat out like in the photos. Loving the improvements!

Ekster fan

Finally a company that actually listens to their fan base. They have made insane improvements to their first generation products. This cardholder is the sleekest thing i've touched in a long time!

Lifesaver when it comes to losing my phone.

Don’t ask me how, but I lose my phone almost every chance I get. I keep my wallet on me at all times just to find my phone XD Working pretty good so far!

Slimmest wallet i've ever owned!

I'm not gonna say that this wallet is slimmer than paper or anything but it sure beats all my older wallets. Can't wait to see what you’ll do with the next batch! Just ordered the phone case too.

Love the mechanism

The card mechanism is a huge time-saver. Works nice and smooth when I press the button. Looks pretty cool as well and get's me a lot of questions!

Meets my expectations and then some

This wallet is everything I had hoped it would be. It is really high quality. The wallet is very slim as expected. It is without a doubt the most "secure" slim wallet I have ever had with respect to feeling like my cards/money would fall out... no worries there. The leather and overall build quality it awesome and it looks great. I had a hangup with the price being too expensive but finally decided to give a shot. It is well worth the money as it will definitely last for a couple of years. For context, I was previously using a "Radix One" wallet, I like this one much better as it just a better build quality and holds my stuff more securely.

Beautifully made

This wallet met my expectations. It has a very small footprint and at the same time it is very functional. I have 6 cards along with bills and it is still very thin and compact. High quality leather and seems like it will hold up for quite a while. If you want a small compact high quality wallet you won't be disappointed.

It works

So far works great...thinking of using it on my dog, I will teach him to recognize the signal, not sure how far it will go and haven't had it long enough to know about solar /battery life.


I like this tracker over similar devices because I no more hassle with batteries, rather than buying a new device each year. This it's better on my budget, and probably better on the environment. The Alexa integration for the phone is not bad either. I use it for my wallet (not an Ekster) as I'm always misplacing it around the house. Will get another for my bag ;-)

Best wallet i have owned

Good for credit cards. Not good for large sums of cash.

Only wallet i will ever need

Based on the title it should be 5 stars, right? Well, yes the wallet is 5 stars - functionality, ease of use and integration into my daily routine, etc. Best. Wallet. Ever. The only con was the Tracker Card, i wasn't able to connect at first, luckily the customer service team was able to help me., although nice. In hindsight, i would have bought the one without the tracker, because the wallet is just amazing.

Lifestyle changing wallet

Amazing concept. Package arrived well packed. The wallet requires a certain extent of change in habit if you are used to carrying lot of stuff in your wallet. For example, I used to have wallets with coin pouch. After this one came along, I stopped carrying coins. It was odd at first but I got used to it and eventually turned out to be a good thing. The card holder is very good and I have been using a similar one for over a year. Holds up well and the mechanism still works well. The leather is good quality and holds up well to the usual abuse. The leather will stretch over time, so you can probably have a few more cards on the wallet. I am trying to carry 12 cards in my wallet and no conventional wallet even comes close in being as compact and sleek as this one. Great buy, can't recommend enough.

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