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Was a great gift from my son

Parliament + tracker. Took me a while to figure out the cards I needed to carry. Got it down to 6 or so. Might be able to cut out a couple of them as vendors automate more. I feel so organized! Very nice product. Well made. Nice leather. Great to carry in my front pants pocket.

Great Product

Awesome item. Love it so much.

Great wallet

I dislike bulky wallets so I’ve been wallet less for over five years just for a wallet like this. Well worth the wait. Thanks Ekster!

Handy Product

The wallet is great and the pop-out credit card feature works very well. It is small so be prepared to pare down what you carry.

Great Product

Super clean, easy to use, and very convenient!


I like it

Life Changing Wallet

My boyfriend (bless his heart) loses everything! This wallet not only has a tracker, but it’s brag worthy! I’ve never seen him show his friends anything this much since I’ve met him. It’s a little pricey but worth the money! Absolutely amazing and would recommend it to anyone!



High-end packaging, amazing leather

One of the nicest unboxing experiences i've ever had (after apple). I'm a big leather fan and this is high quality stufffff


Love my parliament!!!!! Thanks guys

Best wallet I’ve owned

This is by far the best looking and best working wallet I’ve used. The lever works really well and the cards are easy to take out. Other wallets I’ve tried with similar functionality it’s always very difficult to get a middle card out. This wallet is made with great quality, highly recommend.

sleek and efficient

such an awesome wallet. small and sleek. makes getting your cards easy... definitely less space than i thought... can fit 4 cards and my ID + insurance card then its a mission to get anything into the cash strap... and closing it isnt really a thing when something is in the cash strap... but overall great wallet. :)


It's great to wallet

Did the job!


Gonna surprise my hubby :D

Gonna surprise my hubby with this original gift next week, i'll let you guys know how it goes ;)


Just received my bday gift from a giftcard that was sent over by my brother.. LOVING IT! thanks team :D

Can't wait to surprise him :)

My brother bought a Parliament a couple months ago and was so satisfied that I decided to get my husband one of these for VDAY. Can't wait to see the look on his face...

Can't wait to surprise my BF :D

Love this option! Was worried to give my BF the wrong color for Valentine's day so went for the easy option ;)

My Ekster Parliament! I love it!

Its better than i expected.
Leather is gorgeous enough.
Sliding card is just amazing.
Tracking ekster is very easy and charging it too.
thanks ekster team.


Very professional in returning my senate card to Parliament Tracker! No problem! Will recommend this product to all My Friends!

In love with this wallet

I love the sleekness, the color and best of all the look I get in public from whomever is at the register when I pull it out and pop my debit card out. Those reactions are gold. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Perfect wallet

Great design. Light and compact. Holds my cards and cash perfect and has exceptional functionality. The tracker on the wallet works fine and is a great added feature.


It’s alright not so much good for someone who carries cash

Slim modern wallet

Hight quality leather. Looks very good. Stores your essential cards and bills in a slim wallet. In addition, it also has an integrated RFID-blocker to prevent fraud. Very good and convenient mechanism to access the cards. I use it now everyday and really love it.

Exceeded expectations

I had high expectations for this wallet and it exceeded them. The button/card
popping mechanism is the best. The tone on the card finder to be placed in the wallet was a little low but other than that, leather is of highest quality and wallet is the best I've owned.


Parliament Wallet

Great wallet replacement

Great product. No need for a bulky wallet any longer..........stores 4 embossed cards and cash with the cash strap. Love the card flip action, separation alert function and tracker. Would highly recommend.


I like it

Ekster Parliament Wallet

This wallet is absolutely phenomenal. The size is comapct, the leather is genuine, and the minimalist design means that I don't have to deal with a huge bulge ony back pocket. The fanning mechanism works smoothly, and with 5 cards in the compartment, I don't have to worry about any of them falling out. I would not hesitate to recommend this wallet to anyone!

Innovative wallet

In a cashless life , this wallet is perfect!

Simply Awesome!

This wallet is as good as advertised. I've purchased several of the "new" wallets, where cards are stored all in the same compartment, and I've always had to take out every single card before finding the right now....NOT WITH THE EKSTER!

Ekster senate

Great product! Tracker is easy to use.

Great wallet.

I love theses wallets. They are slime and look very nice.

Ekster parliament wallet and tracker

Easy to use. Tracker wordks as it should be. One issue although. With all the cards in protected case and some cards in the fold the wallet bulks out. Perhaps a strap tp hold it together solves this problem.
Nice leather quality

All and all a good wallet

Parliament + Tracker

Great product! Fun to use at merchant. Tracker works without problems. Only drawback for me is that driver's license doesn't fit in credit card holder mechanism, slightly too large. Need to put it another non-mechanized slot.

Finally a good wallet

Love this product! Big enough to fit all important cards, cash, etc. and I never have to worry about losing it. Card access feature is amazing.

Fantastic Wallet

it works amazingly. and i love it.


I was expecting to be able to store much more in the wallet only 4 credit cards fit


Love it

First one.

Frist time owning the senate card holder. Well built and light weight. Wish I would’ve went with the bigger version to carry more cards. However, I’m very happy with my purchase.

I Love This Wallet!!!

I absolutely love this wallet! A man will use a few wallets in his lifetime. For me, this is definitely the one. I love how light and compact its design is compared to other wallets I've ever used. I also love how I feel like a CEO or James Bond when I take a card out. I hate the annoying feeling of having a tough time removing your ID or cards from other wallet slits when you've had your wallet for quite some time; with this wallet, I definitely don't have that problem. It's sleek, convenient, and well-designed. Ekster gets a 5/5 from me!


Received in good condition. The packaging is nice. Great wallet for those who wants a minimalist look. The leather feel great. Only the shipping was quite late. Love my new ekster senate.

Little More Room

Love the concept and my Parliament + Tracker.
There is just one thing. To carry US dollars it just is not wide enough.
Yes, with some struggle you can get the money positioned under the strap. However, it os difficult. So a wider wallet would be nice.
and if you could make the slot wider, i would like to get more than 4 cards in the slot.


Senate + Tracker

Very good wallet

Super good

Great wallet to have

It’s great small and lightweight. Sometimes I forget it’s in my pocket. Can’t wait to see what else Ekster comes up with.

Well done

Nice item!

An Awesome Smart Wallet

I did a lot of research before finalising on the Ekster. The Wallet looks like a regular wallet not some metal case. The leather is great. The Money clip is useful and the additional slits help with access cards that don't need RFID protection. Also the tracker, you would be amazed. I never thought i would use it but, it is a great, forgetting my phone or my wallet happens more often than i care to admit. The Ekster parliament is slim , stylish and purpose built. I highly recommend it.

Love the wallets

I originally ordered a Parliament, but changed my mind and went with the Senate instead. The Parliament is well made, but the flap adds some extra bulk to it and doesn't close well if you have more than a couple things inserted into it. LOVE the Senate. Holds everything I want it to, looks premium, and still maintains a slim profile.

Only giving 4 stars because the return process for the parliament hasn't been smooth. Customer service takes 3+ days to answer you. After a number of emails back in forth, it's now been about 2 weeks I've been waiting just to get approval to ship my parliament back. Then I'm sure it'll be another week+ before I see a refund

The GREATEST wallet on the PLANET.

I have just received my Ekster Wallet (Parliament + Tracker) and am extremely excited. The fit and finish are top quality. This is a very well designed wallet. Absolutely love the card holder and clicker. Very nice and compact even with the tracker card. I am so happy about this purchase.

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