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Very compact and minimal

I do a lot of instacart shopping so I found this to be very useful as I am using my payment cards many times a day. Since I’m using them so often it’s so nice to just eject my cards from the button. The wallet and keys holder are for the ultimate minimalist

Very light and super fun to use

I’m actually hesitant to buy one because it’s a bit expensive, but i never regret getting one! It’s very tidy looking, chic and comfortable to use, i always have a problem with my wallet that it’s big and bulky for my jeans’ pocket, and it’s always fun to whip my wallet out and flash the cards, people always asks me where did i get it from.


Quite nice and seems like it is quality.

Great wallet

Nothing is perfect, but it's a well made wallet and it saves space in my pocket.

Simply amazing!

I am beyond pleased! I’ve been using bifold wallets for years but I just couldn’t find the right one. Turns out, I wasn’t looking for another fancy leather bifold wallet. I was searching for this smart, compact, minimal wallet instead! Every time I make a purchase now, I can do so confidently without searching for a card—thanks to the mechanism that allows my cards to fan out at the press of a button. It’s slim enough to fit into my front pocket with a set of keys or other small EDC accessories. I rarely ever carry cash but when I do, the elastic strip is able to handle enough for my needs. I don’t see myself ever switching back to the “standard” wallet. Instead, I plan on getting some of these for my entire family!

Love it

I love my new wallets. They’re the coolest looking wallets I ever owned. So easy to use and I can barely feel it in my front pocket. It just has an all around clean and organized look. Great way to keep all the cards you need organized and ready to go

Aluminum Cardholder

Awesome product

High quality. Husband loved it.


The look and quality are amazing! I was a bit worry that it won't work well with cards that have embossing letters, but things turned out fine.

Senate cardholder

Thought I would have more room for cards , little small but I got it to work had to remove some cards I don’t use as often. Open book wallet may have been better for me .

Awesome product

This wallet is the answer I was looking for. Sleek and great design.

Tan Parliment wallet

Awesome product,It's exactly what I ordered! It's professional looking, will a cool side to it. Button works flawlessly, and the cards stay well tucked ALL THE TIME. I have already picked up about 3 good comments about it. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Love it!

Great wallet

The wallet is small compact and very clean. I love the wallet ever since I got it. Now I can never go back to a traditional wallet

Great product

Works as advertised and!


My Steel Blue Parliament wallet is very sharp and handsome looking...the key ring and key tracker are awesome, they'll never be lost or misplaced ever again. Also I'll get a notification on my cellphone if I leave them behind somewhere which is a nice bonus...☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆'s!!!

10 out of 10!

I have received nothing but compliments and questions regarding my aluminum cardholder! Everyone especially myself love it. It’s a nice sleek design that fits easily in he pocket and doesn’t take up too much space. It’s perfect for anyone who is tired of having a huge bulky leather wallet in their back pocket all the time!

Beautiful Super Slim Wallet

Outstanding wallet. Simply superb


I really love the functionality and size of this wallet. Just enough for the cards and cash that I carry all while not taking up too much space in my pocket. All of that plus the sleek/modern look makes it my favorite wallet I've owned. Thanks Ekster!

Outstanding quality!

My green ore, aluminum cardholder is fantastic. The quality of all of the components lacks nothing. Cardholder is sturdy, and would be very hard to damage. I highly recommend this product!


This wallet is nice and thin.


Works great for what I wanted. Small and compact.

Broken Wallet Replacement

Fast and wonderful service. Love Ekster! Very fast turn around. Wonderful quality

Just an amazing product, i was disappointed at some point because I coul only fit 4 cards but after arranging them because of the engraving I was able to fit my 6 most important cards.

Aluminum card holder saver

This card holder solves my problems with needing to shuffle around my normal wallet. It’s lightweight ,easy access to cards ,organized ,durable and very simple. Anyone can use this cardholder within any fashion sense no questions asked!!

Fortuna Parliament

Extremely comfortable leather, pleasant to the touch, and impressive card ejection.

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