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This wallet is everything I thought it would be. It’s sleek and perfect for carrying around my cards just the way I want.

Excellent product

Best wallet

Parliament Wallet

Nice and Comfy

Parliament Wallet


small, compact, minimalistic, and stylish


Great wallet, slim and practical

I'm in love!

Best wallet ever! Never going back!

Slim Wallet!

Love how slim my wallet and how my space it frees my pocket, but don't keep it in your back pocket. The leather will peel off

Minimalistic, practical

I really enjoy my new ekster wallet, a simple click of a button and my cards pop out, and the whole thing is so small compared to traditional wallets I’ve worn in the past. The added security I get from the tracker card is great too. Plenty of help setting up in the package and online.

Product is pretty good.

Is well put together and compact wallet, I just wish the spring system was a lot better. My cards barely come out.

Best wallet ever!!

This wallet is the answer. You guys made wallet history. Even my manager at worked asked for the website and she’s a woman.

Great purchase

I purchased this for my boyfriend, He loved it !! Yesterday he misplaced it; easily was able to trace , only to find out he’d left it at home.


This wallet is great it’s everything I asked for

Best wallet

This is the best wallet that I’ve even had!

My Boyfriend Loves It!

This wallet is the perfect combination of sleek classic + tech + slim. The card holder is an incredible feature and the brown "leather" is beautiful. My boyfriend loves it!


Great wallet and great quality.

Steve’s wallet

My boyfriend loves his wallet

Nice design, kind of loose

I got this for my husband and he really likes it. The only thing is it doesn’t hold the cards super tight so if you aren’t careful they could slide right out.


Awesome, best thing I’ve ordered in years

My Aluminum Cardholder

Best minimalist wallet.

Amazing wallet

My favorite thing is the GPS card. I also got say it is well worth the money.

Compact and efficient

The slender design of this compact case is easy to use and carry, and with the tracker, gives me peace of mind when I'm on the go or feeling forgetful. I can comfortably carry all my cards, ID, and cash while also saving space in my pockets or bag.

Great wallet.

I get multiple compliments whenever I pull it out.

Could be great

Everything else is great except the cash band also you could of made it a bit more wider to fit cash as it wants to protrude out of the wallet

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