Ekster Wallets has seen an amazing amount of press and articles, please allow us to share some of them with you.

  • Mashable

    "Access all your cards in one click with this solar-powered smart wallet"

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  • Digital Trends

    "This solar-powered smart wallet features RFID-blocking technology, too!"

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  • Gear Hungry

    "Ekster 2.0 Slim Trackable Wallet"

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  • Android Authority

    "Crowdfunding project of the week: Ekster convenient wallet can be tracked."

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  • Nerdtechy

    "Once you realize how well executed the design is, you’ll understand why it reached its funding goal in only 15 minutes on Kickstarter."

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    "Never Lose Your Wallet, or Identity, With Solar-Charged Ekster"

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  • TABI LABO (Japanese)


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  • ANP Pers support (Dutch)

    "Traceerbare Portemonnee met Zon-Oplaadbare Tracker Card Gelanceerd"

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  • Snap Munk

    "A Slick, Trackable, Solar-powered wallet"

  • Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch)

    "'Slimme' portemonnee laat zich gemakkelijk terugvinden"

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  • (Dutch)

    "Deze slimme portemonnee raak je nooit meer kwijt."

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  • Quote Magazine (Dutch)

    "De innovatieve portemonnee van Ekster"

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  • Tech Times

    "The Ekster 2.0 wallet, a smart wallet, is now available in the market and is poised to become your savior. "

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  • I love tech (Italian)

    "Ekster, il portafoglio intelligente che è possibile rintracciare se viene perso."

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    "The Ekster Christmas give-away on ABC's The Chew, daytime national television show."

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    "The Ekster Wallet should win points purely for the RFID blocking, but then being able to track it if you lose it as well is a real winner, and uses Bluetooth technology excellently. Great peace of mind, and great style."

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    "I thought this were fantastic wallets with amazing functionality. The prices are $109 for the Parliament and $99 for the Senate. I’m not buzzing about the price. Though can you put a price on never losing your cards, and keeping your information protected." 

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  • PSFK

    "Ekster, a new wallet maker, is rethinking the way we pull out our credit cards. Efficient, slim, secure, and accommodating your daily needs, the Ekster smart-wallet doesn’t unfold to reveal your plastic weapon of choice; instead, it ejects your cards at the click of a button. "

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    "Essentially, the Ekster watches your phone and the phone watches the wallet as an alert can be sent from either to find its partnered device."

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Check out some of the reviews and unboxing experiences online. Several clips, articles and personal opinions on the Ekster wallet.

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  • All Ekster Parliament, unboxing video

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