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What is The EKSTER® smart wallet?

An ultra-slim trackable smart wallet with instant card access.

Never lose your wallet or phone again!

4.7/5 based on 791 reviews.

Quick Card Access

Ekster® smart wallets allow you to access your cards with the click of a button, using our improved patent pending mechanism.


Our RFID/NFC blocking cardholder protects your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft.


The removable tracker card makes sure you can keep track of your smart wallet's location and ring it when lost.

Solar Powered

The removable tracker card runs on solar energy and only requires 3 hours of light to last a full month. 


Buy smart wallets online.  Dutch-designed smart products, 
for your every day carry.

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About Ekster

Ultra-slim Smart Wallets

Ekster®, world’s largest and best smart wallet brand was founded with the goal of optimizing your daily accessories.

In this process, we set out to design the perfect trackable wallet that conforms to the fast-moving modern world's standards.

This brought to life the smart wallet era, where our trackable wallet was no longer just a wallet with GPS but an actual "smart wallet" which has deserved it's status as "smart" in many ways, including; security, efficiency, layout, sustainability and overall look/feel..

Our personal struggles with the products offered in the market today, motivated us to develop this smart wallet for men.

There are several pains and trends in the market that led to the invention of the ultimate smart wallet with a look at the future. Security issues, bulky wallets, NFC payments and too much fidgeting are all reasons why we decided to make a change in this industry.

After the successful launch of our ultra-slim smart wallets for men, our technology has paved the way for many more smart products to come.