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We’ve made it our mission to design a tracker that isn’t just small enough to fit into anything, but also smart enough to take your voice commands.

Classic Brown

Parliament Wallet

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Space Grey

Aluminum Cardholder

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Cardholder

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Fall Sale Bundle

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Vachetta Parliament

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Key Holder

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Fortuna Parliament

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Senate Cardholder

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Ekster Wallet
Ekster Tracker Card
like AirTag for Wallets

Ekster’s Tracker Card is like an AirTag for wallets. It lets you find your wallet no matter where it is with surprising accuracy. The wallet tracker is solar powered and offers bluetooth coverage for up to 200 feet and then uses a lost-and-found network for global coverage. Pair the wallet tracker with your smartphone to easily find your wallet by looking on the map or ringing your wallet with the ring button. This wallet tracker is like a remote control for your wallet and ensures you never lose it again.

Ekster Wallet
track my lost wallet
Unlosable Tracker Wallet

You may find yourself wondering - how can I track my lost wallet? Ekster sells slim wallets and tracker wallets for every type of lifestyle. All trackable wallets come with RFID blocking and spots for cards and cash. Pop up card slots makes accessing the contents of your wallet easier than ever. If you are looking for a good travel wallet, then a tracker wallet is a good idea. Losing a wallet while abroad can spell disaster and end up ruining a holiday but a wallet tracker can stop the problems before they even begin.

Ekster Wallet
GPS tracker
Do I need a GPS tracker for my wallet?

A GPS tracker for your wallet can prevent you from ever losing your wallet again. We all know how annoying it is to retrace your steps, check pockets, and bags, never knowing if your wallet is gone for good. It can also cost a lot of time and money to replace everything in your wallet, from IDs to credit cards. Ekster’s wallet tracking solution works like a Tile sticker with GPS tracking except you never need a cord or charger to refill the battery, just pop it in the sun and let the solar panel do the rest.

Ekster Wallet
THE Benefits of
Wallet Tracker Device

With a wallet tracker device you can rest easy knowing that if you do misplace your wallet, finding it is just a click or voice command away. You can locate a wallet by saying, “Hey Siri, find my wallet” and your wallet will ring out its location. Finding your lost wallet has never been easier with accurate location tracking and a two-way ring feature.

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