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This wallet keeps your cards close
and your data even closer


The expandable backplate doesn't sacrifice a slim profile for extra storage. Ditch the bulk, carry more.

Classic Brown

Parliament Wallet

Regular price $71 $89

Forged Ember

Aluminum Cardholder

Regular price $95 $119

Father's Day Bundle

Father's Day Bundle

Regular price $99 $153

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Cardholder

Regular price $103 $129

Nappa Black

Senate Cardholder

Regular price $63 $79

Limited Edition
Brescia Bronze

Vachetta Parliament

Regular price $95 $119

Space Grey

Key Holder

Regular price $31 $39

Limited Edition

Parliament Wallet ♻️

Regular price $87 $109

Limited Edition

Fortuna Parliament

Regular price $151 $189

Juniper Green

Laptop Sleeve

Regular price $87 $109

AJS Black Bundle

AJS Black Bundle

Regular price $205 $315

Ekster Wallet
slim design and modern functionality
Men’s Minimalist Wallet

Thankfully, this is where minimalist wallets come in. Men’s minimalist wallets are a new blend of slim design and modern functionality, designed to help economise your daily carry with just enough space for credit cards, debit cards, and some money. Averaging around $60 but going all the way to past $200, men’s minimalist wallets come in many different designs and materials, some going for the classic leather look, others an industrial metal vibe, but all with a focus on being lightweight and minimalistic.

Ekster Wallet
21st century lifestyle
Minimalist RFID wallet

Minimalist wallets are designed to cater to the needs of a 21st century lifestyle. That means being able to protect from modern threats like wireless theft. A minimnialist RFID wallet is one that blocks radiowaves that can be used to steal the data off of your contactless debit or credit cards. RFID is a technology widely used in cards, passports, cellphones, and more. This technology is used to communicate information between two things, a reading device, like a contactless card reader, and a chip located in any RFID-enabled device. Without RFID protection, there is no way to protect against potential threats to your personal information.

Ekster Wallet
minimalistic wallet
Minimalist Card Holder

These minimalist card holders are designed to be ultra-light weight and slim, fitting easily into any pocket, but also protective. Let’s face it, baggy jeans are never coming back, and it sucks to have something bulky in the pocket. Big wallets are more likely to fall out of your pocket, are easier to steal, and in general just look worse. Besides being lightweight and slim, our minimalist cardholders also come in a range of high quality materials such as leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Even though these wallets are minimalist, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a mean carry capacity. With an expandable backplate you can hold up to 15 cards and cash without bulking up your pockets.

Ekster Wallet
the perfect outfit
Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect outfit only to realize your pockets aren’t big enough for a huge iPhone and a massive wallet. When it comes to avoiding back-pocket bulge, a minimalist front pocket wallet is the way to go. Not only does this help avoid unwanted bulk, but might also be better for your back. By carrying a wallet in your front pocket you are preventing back pain by not sitting on anything bulky. Our minimalist front pocket wallets also come with pop up card function that gives you easy access to the contents of your wallet.

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