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What’s a Smart Wallet?

The smart product revolution is taking over our everyday items from trashcans and refrigerators to keyholders and wallets. More and more, intuitive tech is being woven into daily life to make things easier and more efficient. While older generations might worry about our reliance on technology, it’s hard to complain about a keyholder that lights up your front door or a wallet that can track itself. Let’s look at one of the smart products it’s hard to say no to - the smart wallet. 



What makes a wallet “smart”? 

To say something is smart is to say it is elevated, intuitive, attractive, and innovative. If intelligence is defined by problem-solving ability, then a smart wallet does just that - take the problems of normal wallets and come up with solutions. The unique features that distinguish smart wallets from normal wallets are the ability to be tracked if your wallet is lost or stolen, RFID protection, fast-card access, minimalist design, high-performance materials, and more. 

  • Trackability: pairs with smartphone to never lose it again
  • RFID protection: prevents wireless theft
  • Fast-card access: get cards at the click of button
  • Minimalist design: do more with less
  • High-performance materials: a wallet built to last



What does a smart wallet do? 

One could philosophize for hours on what intelligence is but instead, we’ll tell you exactly what a smart wallet does and why you benefit from it.



Smarter Carry Solutions

Smart wallets are known for offering intuitive solutions to the drawbacks of normal wallets, providing a better way to store and transport your money. One such solution is Ekster’s signature fast-card access, otherwise known as pop-up cards or a trigger wallet. This invention allows you to access the contents of your wallet at the click of a button instead of digging through pockets, making check-out and travel faster and easier.

Smarter Materials

Another main aspect that gives smart wallets their name is the high-performance materials used to make them. Far past the days of duct tape wallets, smart wallets use metals such as aluminum and carbon fiber best known for their use in spacecraft, sports equipment, and race cars. These two metals specifically have a very high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning they are incredibly strong while also being incredibly lightweight.

Smarter Features

What’s the one thing you wish your wallet could do? Most would say, protect my money from being stolen. While that would truly be an amazing innovation, smart wallets are able to do the next best thing. Thanks to the high-performance materials mentioned above, smart wallets are able to prevent wireless theft through RFID protection. When your cards are stored inside a smart wallet, you eliminate the possibility of your personal data being stolen off your cards. Smart wallets are also trackable, so you can track your wallet from your smartphone and never worry about losing it again.

Smarter Design

The smart wallet design embraces the tenets of minimalism that are a cultural movement as well as a design philosophy. Many people are turning away from carrying physical money, instead favoring contactless cards and digital payment systems that are all in all less messy than cash and coins. Our smart wallets are designed for this turning point in the way we carry money, offering a mainly card-focused design that integrated RFID protection while also providing a small amount of space for a little bit of cash. This minimalist wallet also helps, or maybe forces, you to make smarter choices about what you’re carrying around. Do you really need that old wallet full of receipts and $1 bills? I bet your most necessary cards and just a few bills will do. 



Should I get a Smart Wallet?

Once you realize all the ways a smart wallet benefits you, getting yourself one is a no-brainer. This is doubly true since most smart wallets don’t cost more than a normal one, usually between $50 to $100. Also, smart wallets come in any material and color you could want, from vegan or full-grain leather to aluminum and carbon fiber. Not only are you protected from wireless theft but you can also find your lost wallet as easily as saying, “Hey Siri, where’s my wallet?”. A smart trackable wallet also helps minimalize your EDC with a smaller, sleeker design that fits perfectly in any pocket or bag. If you’re looking to upgrade your most important accessory, discover our line of minimalist smart wallets and get exclusive discounts. 




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We started with upgrading the traditional leather wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now, we're taking on the rest of your essentials to make each day easier for you.

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