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NEW RELEASE: Carbon Fiber Cardholder

Stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, Ekster’s best-selling slim metal wallet is back in brand new 3K carbon fiber outfitting. The Carbon Fiber Cardholder is a fast-access, RFID-proof wallet offering unparalleled protection and durability wrapped inside a smooth, matte texture. Slim, but never limiting, this carbon fiber wallet is the future of everyday carry essentials. 



Unbreakable Carbon Fiber Wallet 

Your phone is probably going to be fragile, maybe even your watch. But your wallet? No, thanks. This cardholder is made from 3K carbon fiber (also known as Kevlar), a woven metal fabric originally created for aerospace, automotive, and military industries because of its unique physical properties:

  • Super strong 
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Moisture and heat resistant 
  • Incredibly smooth texture 

All these properties make carbon fiber the material of choice for just about every accessory. The Carbon Fiber Cardholder comes in Forged Carbon and Classic Carbon finishes.


Slim Design for Minimalist Carry 

Normal bi-fold wallets end up stuffed with faded receipts and forgotten loyalty cards until they look more like a filing cabinet than a wallet. This minimalist 3K carbon fiber wallet is designed with just enough storage to carry everything you need for a day while encouraging you to cut down on unnecessary bulk. It has card slots for 6+ RFID-protected cards and a cash strap for cards and bills, all while being able to fit in your front pocket. 

It’s easy to create your perfect everyday carry with Ekster, browse our collection of slim metal wallets to find your ideal wallet design and capacity. 

Easy Access to Cards

We all know the pain of nervously trying to extract a card from a bulky wallet whose pockets are crammed with old receipts, only to have everything else spill out. Ekster’s 3K carbon fiber minimalist wallet makes organizing your stuff easier and accessing your cards faster thanks to its pop-up card feature. Cards stay secure within special card slots so they don’t pop out unexpectedly. 

Don’t get caught holding up the line at checkout just because your wallet has checked out. Just click, beep, and go. 

Unparalleled RFID-Protection 

The need for RFID-proof wallets is real. Without it, data skimmers can steal information off RFID-enabled cards from behind your back without you ever knowing. Dealing with data theft, identity fraud or card hacking can end up costing huge amounts of time and money that nobody has. 

This RFID-proof carbon fiber wallet is effective at keeping cards secure, so the chance of having your data stolen is eliminated completely. 

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