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Creative and strong-willed, our ambassador @ianna27 portrays a very sleek style which goes hand in hand with Ekster’s minimalistic look. This Zurich-based influencer provides brilliant fashion tips to his 200K+ followers, showing them how to mix and match without being afraid of being different.

One look at his profile, and you'll have access to plenty of different trendy outfit ideas, all of which go perfectly with any Ekster accessory. You'll notice an exemplary blend of elegance and unpretentious simplicity (difficult to execute, but he makes it look effortless). 

1) If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
Creative, reliable, strong-willed.

2) Your favorite travel destination? 
My home, Italy!

3) Can you name 3 of your daily essentials?
My phone, keys, and my Ekster Wallet ;)

4.) Tell us a style tip that you swear by.
While deciding what to wear, start with the pants.

5) As a frequent traveller, how do you keep track of all your things on the go? 
I am the kind of person who sets his priorities right. If I have enough time on my hands for a travel adventure without any problems, I do it!

6) How do you unwind after a busy day? 
I love to spend time at home just chilling on my couch listening to some relaxing music.


With an Ekster Wallet as one of his every-day essentials, he never leaves his home without adding undeniable convenience to his everyday carry. Click here to gain access to Alessio’s inside style tips along with a discount for your very own Ekster. 


Here at Ekster, we're in the business of making your life easier.

We started with upgrading the traditional leather wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now, we're taking on the rest of your essentials to make each day easier for you.

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