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Tracker Card - Ekster
  • Tracker Card - Ekster
  • Tracker Card - Ekster
  • Tracker Card - Ekster

Tracker Card

    The Ekster tracker card is the first ever tracker card powered by ultra-slim solar panels. It belongs to the slimmest tracking devices to date with worldwide coverage and is powered by TrackR® Technology.


    Ekster wallet with Trackr features


    Ekster® trackers are connected to the TrackR® Crowd-GPS network.
    With more than 5 million active users, this network will make sure you know where your wallet is, even when it's out of range!

    Ekster wallet with Trackr in use


    Dutch-designed smart products for your every day carry.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great tracker in comparison to all the others

    Love this card sized tracker card, the design is sleek, the button gives you feedback through sound, and best is the charging through solar, no more batteries. I have tries many others but especially the card shape makes it unintrusive. I use it in a different wallet currently, but love it! Also, I would think there are so much more other shapes and use cases, where a solar powered tracker device could come in handy (e.g. my dog, my bag, my keys, etc).


    Limited range, you have to be in the same room to find your item, so you will be running around the house a lot, good exercise though!!

    Great wallet, very inconsistent tracking system

    I have already bought the ekster first generation and decided to support the team by funding the second generation.
    I was very glad with the design improvements of the wallet and the tracking card design. however, the tracking system itself, that was fair on the first ekster, is now very inconsistent.
    it disconnects and the app rarely finds back the card without resetting everything.
    i thought it was a battery thing, but one of the few times it connects, the battery looks full in the application.
    It's a shame since the tracking functionality that should be what makes this wallet stand out from the crowd, is very bad right now. I don't know if it's just my card's problem, but there you go

    Great Functionality and Work out of packaging

    Bought this as experiement but end up now it's sitting in my wallet(not Ekster but Mont Blanc instead) quality built and felt durable while didn't miss the stunning exterior looks. Got it at very affordable price via kickstarter backer. The only draw back is leadtime took almost 20days to reach me.

    better than expected

    Wow the tracker works better than expected. I ordered it as an experiment but haven't had any issues so far. It actually has better reach than my old tile slim..