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Ekster Wallet


Our leather is sustainably sourced and mindfully processed using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan™ technology, the world’s leader in leather creation. Each leather accessory is handcrafted from exclusively American and Italian hides that have been processed at Gold Rated tanneries. The Leather Working Group (LWG) grants Gold Ratings to only the most environmentally-friendly tanneries and sets the standard for ethical leather production.

Ekster Wallet


One of the most attractive things about leather is the way it ages. Like a fine wine, it gets better over time. We employ a two-toned finish to our leathers, giving them a distinctive look and color that will endure as the wallet softens, bends and forms to the way it is used, whether in pocket, purse or hand. Each wallet becomes utterly unique over time, while maintaining its sturdiness and shape.

Ekster Wallet


We take our responsibility to the earth very seriously. We work with ECCO to ensure all our leather is tanned under gold-rate LWG environmental protocols, and comes from sources that have the highest level of animal welfare. All our leather is a by-product of the meat industry and comes from bulls that live disease-free and well-fed. As a leading wallet company, we are committed to setting a market standard for ethically sourced materials.

Ekster Wallet


To us, modern craftsmanship means a nuanced mixing of old and new, fusing tradition and innovation. It is the advanced technology packed inside that takes a premium men’s wallet from being a useful fashion accessory to a personalized, high-tech juggernaut of comfort and security. An appreciation for traditional methods, a commitment to sustainable practices, and an eye on the future of security: now that’s craftsmanship.

Ekster Wallet


The tanning process is the most intrinsic part of producing luxury leather wallets. It's a method that can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, 3000 years ago. During this stage, the leather is dried and treated, permanently changing the structure of the proteins that make up the hide using tannins (hence the name tanning!). Leather craftsmen work meticulously in our factories to create genuine top-grain leather in a variety of colors and textures. 

Ekster Wallet


The beauty and allure of leather is not something new. It was revered by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and has been ubiquitously used over time as a versatile material as well as an undying sign of status and class. Its protective ability made it popular amongst foot soldiers of Ancient Greece and Rome, and was often used for its water resistant quality. Leather has endured throughout time precisely because it’s both functional and beautiful.

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