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Like a fine wine, leather only gets better with time. The natural quality of our top-grain leather ensures that each handmade wallet is unique, gaining distinctive marks as the leather ages. Over time, these premium leather wallets form perfectly to the shape of whatever pocket they are put in, preventing the flap from opening up and slimming down the overall profile. That's why the premium leather we work with is naturally stiff when unboxed, aging beautifully over time. Where production is concerned, happy leather really is better leather; the quality of a cow's life directly impacts the value, smoothness and marks that appear on the finished leather product.


In the age of plastic and metal, why do we continue to use leather? Perhaps it's the unique quality of craftsmanship – there is something beautiful about a handcrafted leather wallet, something inimitable and special. Our products are marked by suppleness that highly-trained leather workers achieve with a precise tanning method. We also employ a two-toned finish to our leathers, giving them a distinctive look and color that will endure as the wallet softens, bends and forms to the way it is used, whether in pocket, purse or hand. 


The tanning process is the most intrinsic part of producing luxury leather wallets. It's a method that can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, 3000 years ago. During this stage, the leather is dried and treated, permanently changing the structure of the proteins that make up the hide using tannins (hence the name tanning!). Leather craftsmen work meticulously in our factories to create genuine top-grain leather in a variety of colors and textures. Their craftsmanship is evident in the fusion of old-school leather work with modern techniques, through which we produce luxury leather wallets.


Our products are tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols. This is the highest quality genuine leather available across the globe, and our tanneries serve only top-of-the-line luxury leather brands. It requires strength and precision to transform a hide into top-grain leather. While many assume that leather making is harmful to the animal kingdom, this is not necessarily true! All the bulls that provide our leather spend their lives disease-free and well-fed. All our leather is a waste product of the meat industry. We're dedicated to doing our part to reduce waste, and to lower the impact we have on the environment as much as possible.


But leather is only part of the story. How do you make the best handmade luxury men’s wallet? To us, modern craftsmanship means a nuanced mixing of old and new, fusing tradition and innovation. While one appreciates the stylish design and smooth texture of handcrafted wallets, it is the advanced technology packed inside that takes a premium men’s wallet from being a useful fashion accessory to a personalized, high-tech juggernaut of comfort and security. An appreciation for traditional methods, a commitment to sustainable practices, and an eye on the future of security: now that’s craftsmanship.


The beauty and allure of leather is not something new. It was revered by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and has been ubiquitously used over time as a versatile material as well as an undying sign of status and class. Its protective ability made it popular amongst foot soldiers of Ancient Greece and Rome; in medieval ages, it was used for its water resistance and ability to store perishables. In the past, wholly organic methods of tanning were improvised using whatever natural materials were at hand. People would even use bodily excrement like feces to tan their leathers! Fortunately, leather producers today aren’t subject to such desperate conditions, and are able to enjoy modern leather production that is safer (and less gross) for those who produce it as well as those who purchase it.

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