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Where's my wallet?

All in all, I spent less than an hour looking for my wallet this time but there were a few very real moments of panic in which I thought I’d just lost it while out before. You know the feeling I’m talking about: when you realize you haven’t seen your wallet in a while. When you pat your pocket and can’t feel it. When you go to pay at the counter and it’s not where you thought it would be. Nine times out of ten, it turns out I simply forgot where I put it; the tenth time, I’m already holding it in my hand while I look for it in my bag.

Why can't I call it?

I made my excuses to my friend when I arrived (forty minutes late), ruefully adding ‘I wish I could just ring my wallet sometimes, you know?’ She wasn’t impressed by my tardiness, but she had a suggestion for me. She mentioned a brand named Ekster that makes smart wallets which you can call. Before you ask ‘do I really need this, though? Does a wallet need to be smart?’ I have another question for you. How many times have you lost your wallet? If you’re one of those people who just always knows where everything is, congratulations and goodbye! You don’t need this. But if you’re like me, keep reading.

Keeping my religion, losing my wallet

How many times have I actually lost my wallet, you ask? Twice. Once I was five years old and I threw it into the sewer in a fit of rage. It only had a drawing of my dog and my dad’s business card in it, but I was still exceptionally upset once I realized what I had done. The second time was more recent, only three or four years ago. I lost it on a night out. If I were to guess, I think I dropped it while pulling my phone out of my pocket to call a cab. I couldn’t tell you for sure. But I do remember the horrible, stomach-dropping feeling the next morning, when I realized I didn’t have it.

Losing my wallet sucked because...

What’s even the worst thing about losing your wallet? There are so many, I don’t know where to start. For one, I’m always scared someone will use my cards to buy illegal stuff (Guns? Powdered tortoise shells? Kinder eggs?). I also always carry a few dollars with me, so I can say goodbye to that. Then there’s trying to replace all my access cards. When I lost my wallet, I also lost my gym card, my travel card, my bank cards (duh), my work access pass. It was a pain and a hassle to get all this stuff replaced, and it wasn’t cheap either. But you know what the worst part was?

I was the guy who lost his wallet

I was the person who had lost their wallet. I made fun of friends who managed to do this before me; I was always less than empathetic, because it had never happened to me. But I suddenly found myself telling friends, family, people from work, the pizza delivery guy: ‘I lost my wallet and I have no idea where it is.’ I didn’t want this in my life again. I wanted to be cool, calm, and collected: the sort of person who is ready for anything, and who doesn’t lose their wallet in the middle of it. If the Ekster wallet had been available four years ago, I would have dropped money on it in a heartbeat. But better late than never, and although I’m late to the smart wallet party, I’m definitely here to stay.

Now Life's Easier with an Ekster

In the week since I got my Ekster, I’m a lot more relaxed already. Sometimes I want to check if I have my wallet on me, so all I do is ring it. No more fumbling through my bag in panic; no more checking my accounts frantically to see if anyone bought any banned chocolates with my money; no more mad searching through my wallet for my cards, thanks to the quick access feature. I already feel cooler, which is super important of course, but the best thing about the wallet is how much easier it’s made my life. If there’s one object that does need to be smart - it’s most definitely your wallet.

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