Ekster 1.0 (1st Generation)


  1. Card slider system *
  2. Micro USB charger port
  3. Reset button
  4. Extra card pockets
  5. Phone ringer button
  6. Hidden coin pocket
  7. Card slider trigger


THE SENATE schematics
  1. Cards cascading out
  2. Multi-purpose strap
  3. Card slider trigger

* Cardholder is designed for 5 cards
(5 non-embossed or 3 non-embossed + 2 embossed).

Insert all 5 cards together for the mechanism to work as intended.

How to establish a connection

  1. Download the App Download the App Download the TrackR app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned ON, and the app is running at ALL times in order to stay connected to your wallet.
  3. Register (optional) Register (optional) Register for CrowdGPS. You will receive an email to confirm your account. When done, select "Register"
  4. Select "Add new Device" Select Select "Add new device" in the app.
  5. Select Bravo Icon Select Bravo Icon Select Bravo Icon (top icon / option in the menu).
  6. Turn on Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth Press the Ekster logo on the wallet. You should hear a beep and the LED light should blink.
  7. Select device Select device Select the Ekster Wallet icon.
  8. Item Settings Item Settings Name your wallet and set your personal preferences in the settings menu.

If you lose your wallet

  1. Go to the application Go to the application
  2. Press the sound button Press the sound button
  3. Wallet will ring Wallet will ring

If you lose your phone

  1. Go to the application Go to the application
  2. Press the sound button Press the sound button
  3. Please note Please note Due to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the maximum range between the wallet and the phone is approximately 30 meters or 90 feet.

How do I reset my wallet or pair a new device

  1. Go to Settings Go to Settings If you want to pair a new device to your tracker, or if you have deleted your device in your tracker item settings, you must reset your wallet.
  2. Delete Device Delete Device Delete Device from TrackR app in item settings and close down the TrackR app.
  3. Use the reset pin Use the reset pin Use the reset pin provided in the packaging and hold pin in reset hole.
  4. Press button Press button When the device is reset, press the button on your wallet, you should hear a beep and the led light should blink.

Battery & charging

  1. Battery life Battery life We recommend you to fully charge your wallet battery upon receipt of the product in order to maximize it’s battery life. When the battery is low, the LED light on the wallet will blink. Please note; the battery lasts longer than 6 months but we advise to fully charge every 6 months.
  2. Whilst charging Whilst charging When plugged in, the LED light is on to indicate charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED light turns off. The tracker device will be fully charged within 2 hours.


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The Wallet

Gen 2.0 - TrackR Card

Gen 3.0 - Chipolo Card

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This product does not prevent theft. This product is designed to help prevent the user from losing/misplacing their wallet and to make it easier to retrieve when lost.
Ekster Wallets BV will in no event be held liable for any loss, theft or external damage done to the product.

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