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ekster quick card access
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Quicker than a switchblade. A quick push of the discreet button on the bottom of each wallet instantly releases the cards inside for easy


A quick push of the discreet button on the bottom of each wallet instantly releases the cards inside for easy, efficient access. This feature is designed to speed up your daily routine, eliminating the annoyance of fumbling through a bulky wallet. How many times have you stood in line with your hands full, just wishing for a more painless way to check out? This is your answer. We’ve crafted these features so discreetly that Ekster® wallets are still the thinnest on the market, a far cry from your grandad's old brick block.


We’ve all been guilty of shoving unnecessary receipts, cash, gift- or business cards in our wallets for 'safekeeping', only to never use them again. Switching to a more minimal, quick access wallet will help you determine which things are actually crucial on a daily basis, and which items simply hold you back. On top of that, the peace of mind that comes with an RFID-proof trackable wallet makes your whole life even easier. It may not seem like much, but these small changes will speed up your whole day in the long run.


At just 0.3 inches thick, we've officially created the slimmest cardholder to date. That means no more useless bulk in your pockets and bags. We've also upgraded our wallet button to perfection; it's now made of one solid piece of hardware, eliminating any chances of jamming (so your wallet won’t give out before you do). To top it all off, this RFID-blocking cardholder is made of fully-anodized aluminium for a sleeker look and smoother access. With easier card access and a fine-tuned mechanism, your cards are presented stylishly and efficiently every time.


The history of the cardholder actually goes back further thank the birth of Ekster®. In fact, it was first designed in 1987 by an Italian inventor who eventually withdrew his patent. Improving on some of his principles, we created our own version of the cardholder and continue to tweak it through new editions. The leather wallet has come a long way since its invention in the 1800s. Where we once used it as a common vessel to carry dried meats and tobacco, we now walk around with connected smart wallets which actually make our lives far easier. We're here to amplify that positive impact, contributing to the world's largest lost and found community in the process.


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