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The Wallets

What is the difference between a Parliament and a Senate?

  • The Parliament 3.0 is a leather bi-fold wallet for those that want maximum storage and minimum bulk. It offers room for 10+ cards & coin/cash, RFID protection for 6 cards and is available with a solar powered Tracker Card to ensure you never lose it again.
  • The Senate 3.0 is a cardholder for the minimalists out there. It offers room for 7+ cards, coin/cash and RFID/NFC protection for 6 cards. It is available with a solar powered Tracker Card to ensure you never lose it again.

What is the Secretary cardholder?

This is our slimmest RFID proof wallet, it’s got room for up to 7 cards, coins, and cash.

How does the Cardholder work? Where do I put my cards?

Both the Parliament and the Senate have an aluminium cardholder in which you can store your cards RFID protected. If you face the opening of the Parliament/Senate upwards, you will be able to insert a stack of 4-6 cards (depending on the thickness) into the opening. Insert any combination of 4-6 cards depending on their thickness in the open compartment. After inserting them fully, you can press the button to push the cards out.

Are Ekster® wallets made for paper or metal cards?

Ekster® wallets are made for standard credit-card size plastic cards. The cardholder is not suitable for paper cards, because they can jam the mechanism. Metal cards can be too smooth and thin, and therefore could slide out easily.

What is RFID skimming?

Most credit/debit cards issued within the past decade have RFID technology embedded in them. RFID chips are a convenient way to store and read data wirelessly by simply holding your card near a reader. The danger is that someone could build a counterfeit reader and pick up your RFID information against your will. These counterfeit RFID readers can pull or delete data simply by walking near you on the street. When using Ekster® wallets, you will be 100% protected against any RFID data theft as our aluminum cardholder blocks out RFID signals.

Can the wallet hold coins?

Ekster® wallets are designed to use minimum layers, preventing bulk but still offering room for plenty of cards, coins or cash.The Parliament can hold around 4 coins inside the flap pocket without adding too much bulk although we do not advise the user to store coins as it can have negative effects on the aging of the leather.

How do I get rid of stains in the leather?

Stains happen, unfortunately. When it does, use a damp cloth and refrain from using any cleaning substances. When the stain is harder to get rid of, try using leather cleaners that are designed to only get rid of the stain but not the leather’s dye.


The Tracker Card

How does Crowd Locate work?

The app functions globally, so it will work in every country. Our worldwide crowd locate network will help you find your wallet when out of range from the paired device. If any other network member running the software comes in range of your tracker, their app will send an anonymous update of that location. The Chipolo app has a feature to receive an automatic notification when another user comes in range of a Chipolo you've marked as lost.

Is the tracker waterproof and heatproof?

Our products are water resistant, not waterproof. We advise you to keep them away from water to avoid any defects. Please note; do not store the tracker in high temperature heated environments, such as on heated surfaces. The tracker charges best in direct sunlight, as sunlight has a wider spectrum of lightwaves than artificial light.

Can Ekster Wallets prevent theft?

No, you will be alerted if someone takes away your phone or wallet, but are trackers are not designed to prevent theft. They are designed for people who tend to lose their belongings.