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The Ekster Original Collection may have been born in 2018, but it doesn’t belong to any year: we made sure it would be timeless. Our wallets made waves in the market when they were released, with everyone from Forbes to Mashable to CNN covering what they called 'the world’s smartest wallet', a title we’re proud to have. The classic colors combined with modern features make this trackable wallet one that’ll make you look good, today, tomorrow and every day.


Ekster was the result of a chance encounter between founders Olivier Momma and Rick Scharnigg. They were on exchange in the US when they met, and realized being Dutch wasn’t the only thing they had in common: they were also sick and tired of not having better options for basic carry items, like wallets. Three short years after the first Kickstarter, Ekster is now the first and only crowd-funded wallet to evolve into a start-up, with a team of sixteen and an office in the heart of Amsterdam.


Ekster isn’t just a slim wallet, or a smart wallet, or even a trackable wallet. It is all those things and more. This is the world’s first solar-powered wallet: the wallet tracker card it uses to pair your phone with doesn’t need a charging cable or batteries. Instead, you just leave it out in the sun, and three hours of charge will give you over a month of usage. It’s environmentally friendly. It’s convenient. It makes sense. It’s the solution to a whole host of problems, not least of which is losing your wallet.


These are our Originals, but we’ve never really left the lab (or the nest, in this case). We’re always building, and constantly looking for ways to push our products: more features, more colors, more options. We’ve done that this year with our Classic Collection, which is now live on our site for the first time ever. If you’re looking to upgrade your old trackable wallet, want to add to your collection, or simply want to check out what else we have, this is the place for you.

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