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8 Best Father's Day Gifts to Honor Your Dad

Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for. They tend to live minimally, only buying what they need and tossing out all the unnecessary junk around the house. By the time they reach a certain age, they usually want to subtract things from the equation of life instead of adding!

This puts us in a tricky spot. How do you shop for someone who constantly wants to downsize and make things more efficient and less complicated? The key is to shop for stuff that helps streamline Dad’s daily life and simplify things in ways he never thought possible.

With this mindset, you start to see new possibilities open up and your perspective on gift-giving takes a 180-degree turn. Instead of just offering more and more stuff each year, try to solve an equation that actually offers more efficiency and clarity. 

Do you still need some gift ideas for this Father’s Day? Here is a list of problem-solving gifts that are sure to appeal to all the dads out there. 



1. No-Frills Leather Cardholder


For many dads, a great gift doesn’t include a lot of bells and whistles. Whether it’s a tie, a pair of comfy slippers, or a box set of Stallone movies, it should be a straightforward concept with perfect execution.


A leather cardholder embodies this simple principle without any crazy flourishes. Your dad can carry all his credit and debit cards, as well as any ID or insurance cards he may have. With a little strap for extra cash, he’s got everything he needs to navigate the world.


This is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to dip his toes into new trends without leaving the past behind completely. The genuine leather craftsmanship maintains that old-school appeal while the design and smart features takes things a step toward the future.


2. Simple Yet Solid Money Clip


Is your dad the kind of guy who is proudly skeptical of the digital takeover? Like many men in his generation, he probably likes carrying cold, hard cash, compared to debit and credit cards. Some older gentlemen would prefer to walk around with pockets full of gold coins!


A money clip is a great gift to appease your dad’s stubborn side. It’s easy to wrap your head around, doesn’t require any maintenance, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do every time.


Just be cautious when shopping around for a money clip this Father’s Day. Many of them are cheaply made with plastic materials that won’t hold up for the long run. 


We all know that dads have a sixth sense for quality production, so he’ll be able to see right through it if you give him something subpar. Spend a little extra cash this year and get your dad a cash clip made from the best metals on the planet. It will go a long way. 



3. Advanced Smart Wallet


There’s a handful of dads out there who love to be on the cutting edge of tech. Whether it’s the coolest electric car, the fastest desktop computer, or even the most high-powered toolset for the garage workbench, they’ve got to have the latest and greatest gear. 


If this sounds anything like your dad, you’ll want to look into giving him a smart wallet this Father’s Day—he’s going to love it. The best smart wallets on the market can securely store cards, cash, and more, all with the flip of the wrist or the click of a button.


Also, keep your eyes open for a wallet with RFID-blocking technology. If your dad is a tech wizard, he’ll know the dangers of identity theft and the sneaky tactics that hackers use to swipe data right from your pockets.


Your dad probably already has the smartwatch and the smartphone—complete his set of high-tech gear with a smart wallet this Father’s Day.


4. Throwback Leather Bifold


If your dad is always talking about the good old days and spends hours detailing his convertible from the 80s, he is probably more of a bifold leather wallet type of guy. You can’t go wrong with a classic wallet like this, especially if it’s made from great materials.


This is the gift to give this Father’s Day if your dad isn’t interested in the newest, sleekest technology. He’s more of an old-school guy, and that’s cool! Give him a bifold wallet that he can break in over time and rely on to hold tons of cash, cards, and other belongings.


Just because your dad likes to stick to the classics, that doesn’t mean he needs to carry around that greasy old wallet forever. Give him an upgrade this year, and he’ll be grateful beyond belief. 



5. Multi-Tasking iPhone Case


Dads are the original kings of multi-tasking. They can drive down the highway doing 80, defuse an argument in the backseat, and order a pizza to go, all at the same time. When Father’s Day rolls around this year, get your dad an iPhone case that can multitask as well.


Aside from simply protecting his phone from fall damage and scratches, an overachieving iPhone case will also have modular attachment capabilities. That means your dad can add a folio for cash and cards, allowing him easy access to all his essentials in one pocket. 


Dads are all about making things more efficient, streamlined, and effective. Combining an iPhone case with a wallet and a cardholder is a Father’s Day dream come true! Plus, if he ever does drop his phone by accident, he won’t have to worry about repairs or replacement.


6. Highly Capable Metal Cardholder


Does your dad wear the same old pair of workboots, drive the same old car, and hesitate to throw anything away unless it’s completely obliterated and dysfunctional? He’s the type of guy who squeezes the most possible use out of every item—that’s the sensible way to live!


If that sounds familiar, you’ll want to get him a tough metal cardholder that is built for the long haul. Flimsy plastic and nylon aren’t going to cut it. Find a device made from space-grade aluminum and will protect the cards inside from any type of damage or adverse conditions.



7. Supercharged Laptop Sleeve


These days, laptops are all important to the dads of the world. They can earn a living, pay bills, shop online, and argue on Facebook with their laptop on hand. More than likely, your dad doesn’t have a proper laptop sleeve, and his computer is looking worse for wear at this point.


Buy him a sleeve that protects that pricey laptop but also has plenty of extra features allowing him to store and transport all those accessories as well. 


He’s going to love having a designated storage unit for all his laptop gear, and he’ll thank you again and again for this great gift. 




With this list of gems, you should never let another Father’s Day pass without getting a stellar gift for the big man. Choose any of the above items, and you can’t go wrong. Bookmark this article and refresh it every year, so you always have the perfect present. 




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