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The Luxury Of Trackability

Posted by Richard Bertin on

We all know the feeling of terror that washes over you when you can't find something you need: keys, phone, wallet. It's a small heart attack. It's also a lot more difficult to replace some of these things these days; your whole life is on your phone, with your photos, private messages, all your accounts. But somehow, losing your wallet is still the hardest: you can't save your access passes and your bank cards on the cloud (yet, anyway). 

You can't really avoid losing stuff. It's part of being human. But what you can do is make it easier to find those things again, which is exactly what the Ekster wallet's Bluetooth tracker can do for you. At Ekster, we've designed the slimmest tracker in the world, which you can use with your wallet (or pretty much any other product you want to keep tabs on). It was our mission to design a crowd GPS tracker that's small, efficient, and smart enough to take your voice commands, too.



This powerful little piece of tracking technology is connected to the Worldwide Chipolo Lost and Found network. So you've got tracking in long ranges through a global lost-and-found community; for close range tracking, a vibrating ring helps you easily locate your wallet. So you can now find your wallet anywhere, whether it's in your living room or halfway around the world. 

There's also an additional safety net which this new feature gives you. Every card has a unique QR code, linked to your smartphone like a fingerprint. If you lose your wallet and someone finds it, they can scan the QR code to send you a message with your phone's location immediately. It even lets you take a selfie by simply pressing a button, which can come in handy ;)

An Ekster trackable wallet and an Ekster tracker card with gps are placed on a coffee table, with coffee cups on the background. The Ekster smart wallet has a 20 dollar bill in it and is placed partly on top of the gps Ekster tracker.


The newly added voice command feature has brought our trackers to the next level. Being able to command your wallet by voice makes tracking even easier than flipping through different apps buried on your phone. Our products are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, meaning that the moment you realize your wallet is missing, you can speak a command into your phone and have it pulled up on a map instantly.

You know that feeling of terror we discussed earlier? This feature is designed to keep that at bay by making it easier and faster to track your valuables. You don’t even need a smart speaker for it, just use voice command on your app of choice. Find your wallet without having to move from your cosy spot on the couch, completely hands-free.

So what makes trackability so important? It's the luxury of not worrying about losing your wallet, afforded by modern technology that we've incorporated into your most important everyday item. It's freeing to know that you'll be able to track your wallet down, no matter where it's lost. Ekster wallets have always been easy on the eyes, but we've got buyers pulling out their (old) wallets for the peace of mind that comes with trackability. 


Our trackers are known for their innovative solar charging, but we’ve stepped up our game even more. Our new, slimmer solar panels now charge your tracker twice as fast, thanks to our patented integration upgrade. This doesn’t even require direct sunlight; a simple three-hour charge lasts two months.

In fact, this system works so well that it’s now being used by FedEx to track their own packages. We went back to the lab and created a battery that not only slims down the tracker, but also lasts twice as long with use. This gives it a definite edge over other trackers which need new batteries every month. You can also read more about why we chose to go solar here, in one of previous blog posts!

The image shows a man holding an Ekster smart wallet in his right hand. The Ekster wallet is in Juniper Green and has the Ekster tracker card for never losing your wallet peeking out of it. In his left hand he is holding an iPhone which is opened up to the tracking app.


Richard Bertin

My name is Richard and I'm kind of new to considering myself a Freelance Writer but the truth is that I've been writing all my life. I've always written for my own enjoyment and never thought of being of help to others.


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