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The leather update - World's #1 best-selling Smart Wallet

Posted by Ekster Team on

We're extremely excited about how well the Ekster 2.0 has been received by the Indiegogo community. Not only do we have countless returning customers from the Ekster 1.0, we've built up a new backer community of 1500 backers who believe in the 2nd Generation Ekster wallet.

Backer questions

  • As a result of our backer questionnaire in the previous update, we received many requests for a side-by-side comparison between the 1st generation and the 2nd generation Ekster Wallet. If you scroll down the campaign you'll find a detailed comparison!
  • Some people are still confused about what this "Solar Powered" feature means exactly. This is the first ever solar powered tracker card to date. It only requires 800 lux to charge at maximum capacity, meaning that it doesn't even need direct contact with sun-rays for a sufficient charge. (Broad daylight = 10,000 lux)  Ekster's tracker cards only require 3 hours of light to last a full month. All you need to do is take the tracker card out of the wallet once a month and leave it out to charge. 

Production Update

  • We've finalized the leather quality control and it's on its way to the factory.
  • Our final wallet samples are close to completion and ready for focus group testing in early March
  • The Ekster team will be heading to the Factory in Shenzhen early March to test and confirm these samples and get pre-production rolling.
  • We've made a strategic decision for the good of the product. We are switching to a new tracker partner: TrackR.  Why? One of our main concerns with the current solution is that there is no feature that allows the user to find their phone using their wallet. This is also a concern that has been voiced by the backers multiple times and it is a feature that only TrackR will be able to support. We feel that this feature is crucial and don't want to leave it out in our 2nd generation. Moreover, in this way we can make the tracking card actually completely removable. This means that the design of the wallet will not be affected by the integration of the tracker. We have been struggling with this decision for some time, but believe this is the only solution in order to make the product truly great.
  • We're still on track for delivery in June!

We're extremely thankful for your continuous support! Inform your friends and family that this campaign is ending soon so they can claim theirs at a discount too!


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