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Production update - World's #1 best-selling Smart Wallet

Posted by Ekster Team on

The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! This update is dedicated to giving you insights into the successful production trip we just had in China and to clarifying the delivery schedule.

Firstly we'd like to express our excitement after receiving the reactions from our early products testers and lottery winners to their new Ekster 2.0 wallets. After several months of use the testers have had nothing but positive remarks. We have seen no defects and no red flags that could delay the production in any way. Even the Lottery winners have expressed to us personally how happy they are with their prize.

Production Update

  • Quality control for the first crowdfunding batch is completed. For both the cardholder and the leather components of the products we have found no significant issues. 

  • The cardholders are assembled in a dust free area allowing no dust to enter the mechanism or glue.

  • Tracker card quality control: Signal works as promised, Look/feel outstanding

  • We have experienced issues with the tracking  PCB firmware supplied by TrackR: We faced an issue that caused some tracking cards to start buzzing at random times. The cause of this was a glitch in the firmware supplied by our partner TrackR. After testing a previous firmware, this issue was eliminated and the issue was found. We are therefore reflashing all tracking PCBs back to the old firmware. This is expected to delay us by 1 week.

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