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Ambassador Spotlight: Sir Bucks

Posted by Rabia K on

If you are in search of charismatic fashion ideas, @sir_bucks is a profile you should take a look at; he's also a brand ambassador for Ekster Wallets. This ambitious influencer from Germany and Ghana never goes anywhere without his Ekster Parliament wallet in his pocket.

With his inspiring ability to carry off sporty and minimalistic apparel, Sir Bucks is a style guru who doesn't leave any opportunities to impart fashion knowledge. His attention to detail goes well with his unrivalled dressing sense, adding another classy touch to his outfits. We had the chance to know him a little better this month, so read on to learn more about Sir Bucks!

1) If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
Different, creative, and determined.

2) Your favorite travel destination? 
Ghana, since it’s my country of origin. It’s always great to travel back to visit both family and friends, as well as enjoy it’s amazing food and nature. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

3) Can you name 3 of your daily essentials?
My ambitions, my phone, and my Ekster wallet!

4) Tell us a style tip that you swear by.
Paying attention to details/accessories. An outfit can look ten times better with just a touch of accessories/details. For me I usually add on a Fedora hat, sunglasses or jewelry.

5) As a frequent traveller, how do you keep track of all your things on the go? 
With my bank cards, I always keep them in my Ekster wallet so I can track it, in case I ever lose it on a busy day! 

6) How do you unwind after a busy day? 
I think relaxing is very important and it is one of my creative phases so that I can have new ideas, unique content creation etc.


The ease of using a quick access wallet which is sleek, stylish, and still has room for some cash is perfect for Sir Bucks; if you'd like to flaunt one too, head over to his profile to pick up some style tips and a new Ekster at a discount!

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Rabia K

Rabia is a marketer with a focused interest in copywriting and design. She enjoys learning and writing about future tech.


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